Bulk Loader for OpenText Content Server

Easy Bulk Loader is windows application (Microsoft Excel add-ins). This Windows application used to upload the content to OpenText CS with its own metadata. The content metadata and the file path will be taken from the excel file.

Metadata and file plan:

The file plan (Folders structure) will be auto created as per your organization strategy.

Application compatibility with OpenText CS versions:

This application fully compatible with CS 10.0 and 10.5. Not tested with the new versions of OpenText CS. No matter the type of the content. This application can upload any type of the content such as PDF, office documents, videos, images and etc.

Security and OpenText Content Server:

Uploading the content through CS web services provided by OpenText. OpenText Content Server authentication required to upload the content. Only the users with a necessary privileges can upload the content.

Free version limitations:

Free license limited to 10 files at a time. To upload unlimited number of content files you need to subscribe.

Please don’t subscribe unless you are satisfied with the free version of this application.

Version 3.0

The latest version of easy bulk loader available in this link:

Extract the files from the zip file:

This zip file contain support files along with the application.

Install Bulk loader:

double click setup.exe to install.

Launch Microsoft Excel:

Easy bulk loader tab added to Microsoft excel.

Configuration Steps:

There is two steps of configurations:

1. Configure the Bulk loader to connection.

launch Microsoft Excel. Then click on connect button

Click on config file button. Then, change the localhost and service bath as per your content server settings.

for example: the content server in my test environment is and the server application name is les-services, Finally save the file and close

2. Configure the Content Server web service to accept accept large files:

open web.config file which located in your CS web service installation path find the following key (ContentServiceBinding) and change maxReceivedMessageSize=2147483647 and also change messageEncoding=Text, Finally save the file and close.

How to use Bulk Loader:

Create XML file to map the CS categories and the root folder, or you can download this ready template.

(Name) tag, any name that describe the type of files you plan to upload. For example employee records or Invoice or Medical records ect.

(LivelinkFolderRootID) tag, the (root folder ID) in OpenText CS to upload these files into.

(LivelinkCategoriesID) tag, the (Categories ID) that content the attributes. The system will retrieve the attributes that used to store the metadata

(LivelinkNoSubFolders) tag, the number of sub folders that you need to create dynamically based on the metadata for each file.

After creating the XML file mapping:

Now you are ready for uploading your files.


Download Demo xml

This is the XML file changed to much my test environment.

launch Microsoft Excel. Then click on connect button

UserName: OpenText CS username, password: use CS password

After successfully connected to your Content Server, click on Get Categories and attributes button then select your XML file.

Now you can do the mapping the excel columns with CS categories. Select the attributes and click on Change Column Header.

Download Demo xml

Finally click on upload button to send these files with metadata to OpenText Content Server.

In the first column of the excel file you will get the object ID of uploaded file.

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