Ontime (Time and Attendance System)

Ontime designed to help you to obtain attendance reports of your employees in an easy way, and to ensure that employees adhere to the official working hours of the organization.

Ontime Live Demo (username and password use admin)

Ontime system for managing attendance data and it is (Web Application) installed on a dedicated server in your organization. Employees and managers can access the system via the Internet browser. Therefore, the installation of the software does not require in your employee’s computers.


  • Increase the work efficiency in your organization.
  • Involving your employees and establish self-monitoring among them.
  • Activate the roles of the top positions to interact with the employees under their responsibilities about attendance reports.
  • Knowing the attendance time of employees in real-time.
  • Presentation of employee attendance ratios in departments and sections to identify the percentage of the employees committed with working time in order to assist decision-makers.
  • Provide various reports covering all the needs of your organization.
  • Integration with enterprise-based systems such as Human Resources Systems using database links to achieve direct systems integration.
  • Data analysis and extracting detailed reports.
  • Ensuring data security and make sure it is compatible with the policies and rules of your organization.
  • Distribution of the decision-making capacity as per your organization’s structure.

Why Ontime system is the best choice for managing time and attendance data?

  • Multiple work shifts and different forms to cover your organization’s needs.
  • Tracking 11 types of cases, including single and combined cases.
  • Automatically data handling and manual data manipulation by the system administrator.
  • The intelligent decision of the system. This system characterized by intelligent decision-making capability for cases of non-compliance with assigned working hours.
  • More than 120 reports will cover your needs.
  • Synchronize employee information, vacations, organization hierarchy and other master data from HR systems via database links.
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory login security for Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server to retrieve employee’s email addresses and sending emails.
  • Customization email messages of the workflow system. With the possibility of determining sending time.
  • Managing employees leaves.
  • Managing Secondment data.
  • Dashboard customization.
  • Bilingual system interface and reports (Arabic/English).
  • Delegating feature.
  • Support up to five hierarchy levels. These levels can be customized based on your requirements.
  • Reports can be converted into Word, Excel, and PDF documents.
  • Support (Digitalpersona, TBS Biometrics, ZK Biotime, FIGTEC, BioStar, IRIS and more).

Download Free Version:

Free to use for 10 employees

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